About GLVC

The Greater Lansing Vintners Club is the Lansing area’s premier wine society, dedicated solely to the enhancing members’ appreciation of fine wine and food. To that end and in the belief that increasing knowledge of wine and food heightens the enjoyment of both, we provide many opportunities each year for members to learn through experience at wine tastings and dinners.

We are the oldest, largest and, we believe, the best wine society in Michigan. Founded in 1968 under another name and with about 20 members. We are a non-profit, educational society. We are your friends and neighbors, students, teachers and professors, business people and others who reflect a wide range of occupations and interests.All who are interested in making discoveries about wine and food are welcome.

What do we do?

Each year, we conduction  wine events with themes accommodating a wide range of tastes and price.


Several tastings each year feature speakers from both the U.S. and abroad: winemakers, winery owners, importers, writers and others in the profession. Members can meet speakers and discuss their personal wine interests – a chance to learn current, inside and in-depth information.

Blind Tastings:

Each year, we hold a series of blind tastings (with labels covered), featuring wines of particular grape varieties or regions. Tasting with minimal preconceptions and then later learning the identities of the wines just tasted has proven to be one of the best ways to truly learn about wine. Generally, we hold blind tastings without featured speakers – but with considerable and often animated discussion among members around the tables.


Periodically, we hold dinners with wine in a variety of themes and prices to meet the epicurean interests expressed by our members. We have won acclaim for achieving truly memorable dinners.

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